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Zfedgit /zfɛ́dʒət/ (male)

The first true original of 2017, Zfedgit is a name wreathed in controversy. The subject of this controversy, of course, is which of the name’s two most common pronunciations should be considered canonical in the eyes of the naming community. One side argues that the first two letters should be pronounced separately, making it a three-syllable name. The other side insists the two letters should become one continuous affricate, making it a two-syllable name. As a result of this unresolved dispute, now officially lists Zfedgit’s syllable count as 2.5, a first for the site. Whatever side you’re on, the news is good, as Zfedgit is resoundingly beautiful in all its forms. Look for this one to shine brightly through 2017 and beyond.

“Zfedgit will be over at five to walk your dogs.”

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