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Vomidink™ /vɑ́mədɪŋk/ (male) – $29.99 –

The first of World’s Best Baby Names’ 2016 originals, Vomidink takes the old-world gravitas of Humperdinck and adds a modern flourish that will take more than just your breath away. With an almost acidic buoyancy that is the source of most of its charm, Vomidink is poised to sweep the globe in the coming months. Critics and the general public have yet to weigh in, but we’re certain that once they’ve had a chance to digest this name, they will be positively spewing its praises. The best part? It’s a steal at only $29.99!

“Vomidink always keeps a roll of toilet paper in his satchel.”


Vomidink™ $29.99


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