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Vactyl /vǽktəl/ (female)

Anyone with even a passing interest in the baby-naming industry is familiar with Vactyl or, as it is known in the media, “The Name Heard ‘Round the World.” Commissioned by Beyoncé Knowles and her husband, this name was crafted by the team at Hull and Boyd Naming. The deal, which netted the firm over five million dollars, was the first of its kind and is rightly credited as the spark that inevitably led to the four-alarm fire that is the current fad of high-end boutique naming. Many also credit the name with breaking new ground in the legal world, and given that Beyoncé’s bevy of legal action against copycats has set the precedent for name law in its present form, we’re inclined to agree.

“Vactyl? Is this sweat or urine?”

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