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Sturgyl /stə́rdʒəl/ (male)

If you’re expecting a baby in the next little while, prepare to make all the parents you know jealous by snapping up this future classic that debuted yesterday evening. Sturgyl has truly hit the ground running, netting itself over 1,500 boy children globally in the first 24 hours alone – a feat unseen since Brayden dropped in the fall of ‘95. Why all the attention? It’s not hard to see. The refreshing aquatic spirit invoked by the first-syllable reference to sturgeon primes the palate for the deep, bookish musk that Virgil brings to the conclusion of the name. This combination is incredible, and hearing it for the first time is like finding a food you’ve only just tasted and somehow already can’t live without. Sturgyl is the type of name that drives the happily childless to have babies. We’re calling it now: This will be 2015′s Name of the Year.

“If Sturgyl isn’t having fun, then no one else is having fun either.”

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