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Rodbert /rɑ́dbərt/ (male)

At first this almost awkward hybrid of Rodney and Robert can seem quite pedestrian, but give this name a few minutes to get its claws in you and you’ll soon be singing its praises along with thousands of parents from all around the world. Casually elegant, Rodbert is enjoying massive popularity amongst all races and classes (excluding middle-class Russian-Americans, who seem to absolutely hate it for some as yet unknown reason). Following a meteoric rise, Rodbert recently plateaued at 15th place in the Global Top 100, leading some critics to predict a coming decline in popularity. Given that expectant mother and film star, Megan Fox, has announced that her third child will be called Rodbert regardless of its gender, we think it could even crack the top ten!

“Rodbert has been secretly peeing in the houseplants.”

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