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Pistelle /pɪstɛ́l/ (female)

As regular readers know, World’s Best Baby Names has never endorsed the name ‘Pistol’ for a boy, despite its recent rise in popularity. In fact, we’ve come out against the name on several occasions. It is tacky. It is uninspired. It is pedestrian and forgettable. Worse than that, though, it positively reeks of the sort of faux edginess that has been plaguing baby naming for the last few years. How unusual, then, that we’re announcing the feminine version of that same name as our Hot Pick for April! Against all odds, Pistelle manages to not only avoid all the pitfalls that so plague its male counterpart, but to soar high above them like a bird in the sky.

“If Pistelle wants someone to blame for her inadequacy, she should just look in the mirror.”

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