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Pertheuth /pə́rθiəθ/ (male)

Pertheuth is the latest in the barrage of faux-lisp names that have been exploding out of the American midwest this last year. While this name’s critics consider it to be an asinine perversion of Perseus, many parents disagree, claiming that Pertheuth improves on the elegance of its mythological predecessor in the same way that pronouncing Barcelona as “Barthelona” sounds, to some Spanish speakers, quite classy. While we at World’s Best Baby Names generally tend to view the faux-lisp movement as an incredibly stupid fad, Pertheuth is a name that we have no problem getting behind. Currently sitting at 32nd on the Global Top 100, however, it hardly needs our endorsement.

“Pertheuth is refusing to come out of his room until we dim the lights out here.”

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