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McKenneth /məkɛ́nəθ/ (male)

Not long ago, Name Enthusiast Quarterly’s Vernon Devry got himself into hot water when he tactlessly called the name Mckenna ‘vapid name-garbage.’ Here at World’s Best Baby Names, our distaste for that unfortunate modern staple is not quite so passionate as Devry’s, but it has always been vocal. In fact, McKenna has been near the top of our ‘Don’t List’ for the last five years! You may find it odd, then, that the male version of McKenna, McKenneth, is our Top Pick for June! It is truly amazing that the soft sound of air passing between teeth and tongue can instantly take a name that is somehow both bland and sugary, and transform it into something vibrant and alive.

“I don’t want to scare you, but I think McKenneth might be the one behind those murders.”

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