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Jastica™ /dʒǽstɪkə/ (female) –$289.99–

Despite what many of today’s parents seem to think, a child’s name should not be seen as an opportunity to express ones own personality at what may end up being the child’s expense. In fact, a name should be approached as what it really is: the single greatest gift you will ever give your child, a gift that will be with them from when they first open their eyes in the cradle to when they’re haunting their loved ones from beyond the grave. Don’t waste this opportunity on self-indulgent whimsy. Pick a quality name from a competent producer. Pick Jastica™. If this rare-sounding beauty were a physical item, it would be the type of item one would keep nestled in an ornate box lined with the finest velvet. It is the $1000 pen, the antique watch, the pinned remains of the rare butterfly. Choose the name you know she’ll cherish. Choose the name she deserves. Practically a steal at $289.99, available exlusively from World’s Best Baby Names.

“Jastica is both beautiful AND successful.”


Jastica™ $289.99


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