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Immodia /ɪ̀módiə/ (female)

This name has been wallowing in the doldrums for years, despite its beauty. Sadly, the name’s undeniable similarity to a popular diarrhea medicine is the sole reason for its lack of popularity. That such a fantastic name could be discounted for something so petty is extremely unfortunate, but that’s all about to change. News has just broken that notable thespian powercouple, Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter, just had their first baby and chose to name it Immodia! Such an occurrence can only be good for Immodia’s popularity, especially amongst the British. Oddly enough, they chose this historically female name despite the fact that their baby is a boy. Only time will tell if this choice will end up moving Immodia into the unisex category. Either way, join us in welcoming Immodia Cumberbatch to the world!

“Immodia Insists she was Barrack Obama in a past life, which makes no sense because Barrack Obama is still alive.”

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