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Gorrott /gɔ́rɑt/ (male)

It may be impossible to see this name as anything but a combination of the words “gore” and “rot.” It is meaty in the worst way imaginable. You can almost smell it, for Christ’s sake. While its creators swear this was not their intention (they claim they were aiming to create a “classier Garrett”), it can be very difficult for new parents to see the latent beauty that dwells quietly behind the disgusting first impression this name frequently delivers. This may be the reason that — while Gorrott is almost completely unheard of amongst English speakers — its popularity in the non-Anglophone world has buoyed it to 24th place in the Global Top 100!

“The sea was beckoning to Gorrott that Wednesday morning in September, though he had never in his life set foot on a boat.”

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