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Foffety /fɑ́fiti/ (male)

If we were asked to describe this delectable name from 2011 using only two words, we would be at a loss to come up with more than one, because this name is simply “Perfect.” Foffety carries the undeniable strength and weight of the moneyed elite of which it is so clearly evocative, but it does so with a remarkable lightness that makes it seem as if the name might float away in a stiff breeze. Foffety is down to earth, but still the life of the high-society party. Foffety feels guilty for his family’s disproportionate wealth, yet has no trouble spending it. Foffety plays an instrument, but isn’t in a band. Foffety sings beautifully when cornered. Foffety is a lone flower growing amidst the barren landscape of concrete, marble, glass, and money.

“Foffety came to a great many realizations during his year abroad.”

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