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Dictatoire /dɪ́ktætwɑ̀r/ (male)

One of the first things they teach you in baby-naming school is just how much more exotic a name can become if it is made to sound slightly French. Perhaps this lesson comes too early in the curriculum, however, because too often this technique (playfully known as ‘Frenchification’) is used clumsily or to excess. Dictatoire, a name that debuted in 2008, is a shining example of a well-executed and appropriate use of the method. In this case, the word ‘dictator’ is modified in a way that maintains the tone of unquestionable authority while adding an elegant flourish that elevates it to the next level. Go ahead. Give your little dictator the gift of gravitas.

“Gently used bike seat, $25. Call 555-0237 and ask for Dictatoire.”

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