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Burglebretch /bə́rgəlbrɛ́ʧ/ (male)

Add this one to the list of names whose popularity confuses the hell out of us. Despite being an absolute horror show of disgusting sounds and inefficient craftsmanship (using a whopping 12 letters to convey only three syllables), somehow Burglebretch has managed to stay relevant for over 10 years. Having recently risen to be the 45th most popular name on the planet, it’s fair to say that this isn’t just some flash in the proverbial pan. Given this name’s strange popularity, we at World’s Best Baby Names are obligated by duty to acknowledge its existence, but its appearance here is not to be taken as an endorsement. Burglebretch is a terrible name. We would even go so far as to call it borderline child abuse were it not for one mind-blowing fact: When surveyed, over 95% of children named Burglebretch reported being immensely satisfied with their name.

“I gurgle and wretch, y’all. I’m Burglebretch, y’all.”

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