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Baxtrick™ /bǽkstrɪk/ (male) –$89–

When one considers the names Baxter and Patrick, one finds very little to improve upon. Simultaneously dynamic and steadfast, both these names are ‘perfect tens’ in the book of any critic who’s worth a damn. Baxtrick does the impossible and outshines perfection. The sharp, almost mechanical texture of its brief two syllables is a phonological triumph, nigh unmatched in the world of male names. If that’s not enough, the middle jumble of consonants causes an extremely interesting percussive chirp just behind the teeth when the name is spoken aloud. And no need to worry about all the other parents who will no doubt be naming their children the same thing, because this is one name that can survive oversaturation!

“Baxtrick was the talk of the town that day.”


Baxtrick™ $89


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