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Thuthuth /θə́θəθ/ (male) Marthuthuth /mɑ́rθə́θəθ/ (female)

Legendary London-based name designer, Franco Rohm, has caused quite a stir in the baby-naming world over the past few months by releasing this bi-gendered name pair for free. This is an incredible gesture, given that Rohm’s handcrafted creations tend to run parents at least $50,000 each. Staying true to his reputation for being extremely eccentric, however, Rohm has complicated this generous gift by insisting that the names may only be used together, specifically on pairs of boy-girl twins. Rohm’s legal team has been doggedly enforcing this condition, issuing cease-and-desist letters to parents who choose to use one of the names on an individual child and suing any who refuse to comply. To pay too much attention to this controversy, though, is to miss the undeniable beauty that shines out from this perfectly designed pair of names. This beauty is no doubt the reason many parents of non-twins continue to risk almost certain prosecution by choosing one of these names for their newborn.

“There are two kinds of twins. Thuthuth and Marthuthuth are the creepy kind.”

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