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Lestric /lɛ́strɪk/ (male)

If you were to sew the corpses of Lester and Rick together, strap them to a chair, and run 10,000 volts through them both, Lestric would be the Frankenstein’s Monster of style that would be waiting for you when the smoke finally cleared. Not just an artful combination of two classics, this name also has an electricity running through it that you taste on your tongue as you say it. Another feature that has today’s parents completely head over heels for Lestric is the fact that it provides the child with two extremely diverse nickname options (‘Les’ and ‘Ric’). In a world filled with slang, emoticons, and other such stylistic abbreviations, the value of a multi-nickname structure cannot be overstated.

“I’m not sure, but I think Lestric just threatened me.”

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