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D’Krunk /dəkrə́ŋk/ (female)

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A timeless staple of affluent Middle America ever since it arrived in the mid-1960s, Duggluns is a name that simply screams wealth and class. This solid rock of a name was first coined when Spencer Cabot III, breaking three generations of tradition, attempted to name his firstborn son Douglas. It has long been debated whether it was Cabot who misspoke, or the clerk at the Arlington County Naming O...

Legendary London-based name designer, Franco Rohm, has caused quite a stir in the baby-naming world over the past few months by releasing this bi-gendered name pair for free. This is an incredible gesture, given that Rohm’s handcrafted creations tend to run parents at least $50,000 each. Staying true to his reputation for being extremely eccentric, however, Rohm has complicated this generous gift...

The first of World’s Best Baby Names’ 2016 originals, Vomidink takes the old-world gravitas of Humperdinck and adds a modern flourish that will take more than just your breath away. With an almost acidic buoyancy that is the source of most of its charm, Vomidink is poised to sweep the globe in the coming months. Critics and the general public have yet to weigh in, but we’re certain that once they’...

The jazzy, snare-drum rhythm of this name makes its lengthy four syllables feel like only three. A modern take on the timeless classic, Angelica, Chinchillica has parents around the country (and the globe) praying for their babies to come out female. Having watched this name rise from 72nd to 45th place in the Global Top 100 last week, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it in the top 20 when the...

Completely secular in origin, this new-era classic nevertheless carries a dash of Jesus’s holy pluck without letting this typically very potent flavour take over completely. But this is not the only reason Queejus has been making a substantial splash in the oft-stagnant waters of the contemporary baby-naming industry. The name’s unique structure – a tight, yet airy, pair of syllables following an...

This name, created by the team at California’s premier naming house, San Angelay Naming, has been breaking records left and right since its release at the opening of the trading day this morning. It’s easy to see what all these parents are getting so excited about. Velvitch’s sultry brand of charm is captured quite economically by its promotional tag-line: “Like scratching an itch with velvet.” Wh...

Pertheuth is the latest in the barrage of faux-lisp names that have been exploding out of the American midwest this last year. While this name’s critics consider it to be an asinine perversion of Perseus, many parents disagree, claiming that Pertheuth improves on the elegance of its mythological predecessor in the same way that pronouncing Barcelona as “Barthelona” sounds, to some Spanish speakers...

There was a time when the name Klott conjured images of someone’s belligerent grandfather, but ever since the one and only Tom Cruise chose this name for his new baby boy early last month, Klott’s presence in the namescape has seen a massive resurgence. We should all thank Klott Cruise for reminding us that this dusty old moniker still had something to give the world. Blunt, yet elegant, this name...

If the critics are right and this name borrows too heavily from the word “restaurant,” it is surely borrowing from a gourmet restaurant in a ritzy part of town. Phonetically daunting the first time one says it aloud, this name is actually far less of a tongue-twister than it appears. This is good news, because — if recent statistics are to be believed — this is a name we’re going to be hearing a l...

This name was awarded 1st prize in the Most Original Name category at NameCon in San Antonio this year. The name’s designer, Flitzy Klein, prefaced its grand unveiling with a now-infamous speech in which she claimed that contemporary female names shouldn’t necessarily be dainty or “ladylike” (if you’ll pardon the antiquated term). Chuggrah was the perfect name with which to make this point. Bold a...

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"Pam is a family name and when I had our little girl, I thought I'd have to settle on Pamela until I heard Pamples. All the convenience of Pam, none of the ugliness of Pamela. It's perfect!"


- Darlene, Madison WI

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