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D’Krunk /dəkrə́ŋk/ (female)

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We’ve come a long way since 2007, when the “Shotgun Apostrophe” was the hottest trend in baby naming. Back then, names like B’Gelt and P’Dump had a death grip on the naming world. It was a fire that burned itself out as quickly as it started, but not without first making an indelible mark on the modern world. T’Boot is a strangely beautiful echo of this unfortunate trend, and it handily succeeds w...

By simply de-voicing the affricates that bookend the active vowels of the name George, the folks at Mowden Flannery Naming produced a name that is quite astonishing: Tchortch. The name surprises the listener by sounding oddly more complex than George despite being phonetically simpler. Perhaps this aural illusion is due to Tchortch’s impressive consonant-to-vowel ratio, which positively dwarf’s th...

Often criticized for being aurally identical to the bacterial disease, Tetanus, this name sets itself apart from its phonetic twin with an absolutely delightful implementation of ’tête,’ the French word for head. While the team at Bernard Stokely Naming responsible for Têteness’s creation are being typically tight-lipped about the intended meaning, most name enthusiasts agree this multifaceted gem...

This name’s greatest weakness is that one must be aware of its spelling in order to really ‘get’ its aural aesthetic. When hearing the name for the first time, those without this awareness will often think they are hearing the name ‘Tricia-Lynn.’ This double-barrelled classic, while serviceable, is considered by industry insiders to be far inferior to Trichelin despite being phonetically identical...

It is truly rare to see old money buy into a new name, so it was quite a surprise earlier in the year when Talkleston captured the imagination of our nation’s elites. This name has class to spare, so no wonder it is fast becoming one of the most common names amongst high-income babies. In the two brief months since its debut, so many privileged male children have received this name that it’s start...

After its 2013 debut, this name was unanimously reviled by critics. Such a unified declaration of critical hatred is quite rare in the baby-naming industry. Rarer still is for such a widely despised name to suddenly win the critics over, as this one did only five quarters after its release. Many experts have speculated on the ultimate cause of this sudden and dramatic shift in opinion and, at this...

Tarrenshyl is a bastard of almost untraceable descent, but make no mistake: This is not a weakness, but a strength. A veritable battleground of conflicting words and names (torrential, tarantula, Tara, Cheryl, etc.), Tarrenshyl is impossible to pin down. This type of name is something of a rarity these days, composed in the Post-Gibberish style of baby naming so popular 25 years ago. Though this n...

This name is small and unassuming, perfect for conveying a small-town sensibility and all the trappings that tend to go with it. While Tweelird clearly owes royalties to Willard and several other names, many have called it “the spiritual successor of Earl,” and we here at World’s Best Baby Names are inclined to agree. Though couched in humility, this name has an undeniable spark. Whether or not th...

Are you hoping to give birth to a dancer? If the answer to that question is ‘yes,’ you may want to consider joining the avalanche of parents who have chosen Tanashay for their baby girls in 2017. With a wealth of influences to draw from, this magically dynamic name twirls its way off the tongue and into our imaginations with as little effort as it might take for a prima ballerina to touch her toes...

Talyxta is a name that exists on the cutting edge, but of what era? At home in both the past and the future, this three-syllabled paradox can adjust itself to any situation. It is appropriate for both the shy and the outgoing, both hero and villain. It could be the name of the mad doctor or the brave young islander fighting to overthrow her. Whatever kind of person your baby girl grows up to be, T...

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"Pam is a family name and when I had our little girl, I thought I'd have to settle on Pamela until I heard Pamples. All the convenience of Pam, none of the ugliness of Pamela. It's perfect!"


- Darlene, Madison WI

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