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D’Krunk /dəkrə́ŋk/ (female)

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Elements of Sarah, Cheryl, and — to a lesser extent — Meryl combine to form this fantastic two-syllable delight that has just named their “Hot Pick for February.” Though the name has been around for several years already, it has gone largely unnoticed in the naming community until recently. This sudden burst of popularity can no doubt be attributed to HBO’s popular television series,...

If you’re expecting a baby in the next little while, prepare to make all the parents you know jealous by snapping up this future classic that debuted yesterday evening. Sturgyl has truly hit the ground running, netting itself over 1,500 boy children globally in the first 24 hours alone – a feat unseen since Brayden dropped in the fall of ‘95. Why all the attention? It’s not hard to see. The refres...

What began as a slang term for a particularly hard spanking has recently been reborn as a name whose creators claim is intended as a protest against such foul and outdated acts of parental brutality. All parent/child politics aside, however, Spedank is truly a name that catches the attention and holds it. With a floating first syllable that leads inevitably into the sharply percussive second, Sped...

Many people fall in love with this name without even realizing that the vanilla classic, Angela, appears in its entirety right there in the middle of it. Splangelay is fun, spontaneous, bold, and daring. Its dynamic character is likely the only reason a high-tier name like Angela can dissolve so readily into the whole. It is also this dynamism that counteracts the classic’s pretty but bland veneer...

There is no question that Sdeffitch is one of the most dynamic two-syllable names to have debuted in the last 10 years. Speak it aloud and you can almost hear the crackle of a campfire, the rattle of dead leaves as they scatter in the breeze. Though its popularity has fluctuated greatly over the years, this name finally seems to have gained the footing it needs to make some serious moves on the gl...

Just as a well-designed car can allow one to effectively navigate obstacles on a highway, so can a well-designed name allow one to weave safely through the obstacles that litter the highway of life. If you haven’t already guessed, Swervith is just such a name. This aura of maneuverability is clearly due to the artful incorporation of the word ‘swerve,’ an element which pairs extremely well with th...

There are those in the naming community who would tell you that memento mori has no place in a baby’s name, but none of those uncultured hacks have any clue what they’re talking about. Where these childish critics see bad taste, we see the type of unflinching honesty that will help prepare your child for the harsh realities of human life, including inevitable death. But even such sombre references...

According to an interview in On Babies Magazine, this name was first conceived when its creator jokingly uttered the phrase “Gwendolyn, Schmendolyn,” in an effort to shut down one of her husband’s suggestions for the name of their unborn baby girl.  While the comment was made in jest, the second she uttered those three glorious syllables, both parents knew they had stumbled on something very speci...

This name adds the functional sterility of a medical device to the hard-knuckled simplicity of its primary root, ‘Otis.’ Like a farm-born peasant working their way up to a degree in medicine, Spectrotis effectively embodies the struggle for wealth and prestige. Naming your little boy Spectrotis won’t guarantee that he grows up to be a doctor, but statistically speaking, it doesn’t hurt. Absent in...

It’s time we as a society moved past being put off or amused by names that include sounds typically associated with profanity. Take Shyttley, for example. Largely unpopular because of the snickers it tends to draw from the immature, this name is groundbreaking in its structure. According to Dr. Anders Welker, an expert in the field of Name Science, Shyttley is a scientifically perfect name. Knowin...

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"Pam is a family name and when I had our little girl, I thought I'd have to settle on Pamela until I heard Pamples. All the convenience of Pam, none of the ugliness of Pamela. It's perfect!"


- Darlene, Madison WI

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