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Our staff is a small but passionate group of talented individuals, well-versed in every aspect of the industry. Together, we ensure that World's Best Baby Names stays at the forefront of modern name culture. 

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Douga Knightly
Creative Director
Duurth Chownsend
Lead Namesmith

“I’ve always loved my name. That’s why I’ve made it my life’s work to make sure everyone else can enjoy the same feeling.” - Douga Knightly


The newest addition to the World’s Best Baby Names team, Douga Knightly is no stranger to the “Name Game.” Having worked as a name critic for the better part of the last 20 years, her work has been featured in most notable naming publications including Naming Monthly, NameBeat, Grover’s Quarterly and


Here at World’s Best Baby Names, she has traded in her critic’s hat for the well-pressed pantsuit of corporate management. In charge of the many namesmiths who make up our Creative Department, Douga spends her days making sure World’s Best Baby Names doesn’t release any duds. Evenings and weekends she spends with her dogs, Luther and Gramth.

“I name my characters before I do anything else. Names are the foundation on which the story is built.” - Mark Twain

Duurth Chownsend is the closest thing our industry has to a rockstar. After making his debut in 2015 with the critically lauded name, Fancifa, many thought the young upstart's success was a fluke. Much to their collective chagrin, Chownsend soon released his sophomore name, Milligant, and — as we all know — changed the way we think about modern baby naming.


Given that he’s become one of the most sought after namesmiths working today, we were frankly surprised when he showed up on our doorstep asking for a job. Having just walked away from a six figure salary at a high-end New York firm*,  citing "irreconcilable creative differences“ as the reason for his departure, Duurth agreed to take a somewhat more modest wage provided we didn’t stomp on his creativity or touch his things.

* We are legally forbidden from naming the firm, but you know who they are.

“I’ve never been one for names, but I would die for the law.” - Ernest Hemingway


Pomeroy "Roy" Hardbetter has been with us since the very first time someone tried to sue us. With Roy at the helm, we managed to do the impossible and win that battle.


A lot has changed since those days. For one thing, we do the suing now, and most people know better than to come knocking at our door. What hasn't changed is that Roy's still winning -- 36 cases (and 1 pending) to be exact.

To all the would-be plagiarists out there, let this be a lesson: Cross us and we will come for you. 

Pomeroy Hardbetter
Legal Counsel
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