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D’Krunk /dəkrə́ŋk/ (female)

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The last sixteen years have been something of a slow burn for names that feature an apostrophe. With the recent appearance of D’Krunk on the naming scene, however, it looks like the next decade or so will be a veritable apostrophic inferno. Where names like P’Dump and T’Perch have used the apostrophe with disappointing results, D’Krunk combines economy and elegance to produce a uniquely punchy bou...

The first true original of 2017, Zfedgit is a name wreathed in controversy. The subject of this controversy, of course, is which of the name’s two most common pronunciations should be considered canonical in the eyes of the naming community. One side argues that the first two letters should be pronounced separately, making it a three-syllable name. The other side insists the two letters should bec...

As beautiful as it is difficult to pronounce, Cthuliarde is an ode to hard work, perseverance, and the inevitable success these traits bring. Notes of eldritch horror initially grace the aural palate, followed soon after by the austere musk of legacy academia that lingers on the tongue long after enunciation. The subtle elegance of this four-syllable marvel will surely give your baby boy a head st...

One of the quarter’s most striking 4-syllable names, Marvengelist is an engaging little number that’s just perfect for a brand new baby boy. With the worldly mystique of a depression-era magician and the heady gravitas of an evangelical preacher, this name has enough oomph to make even the most boring child seem interesting. Despite everything it has going for it, Marvengelist has been only minima...

At first this almost awkward hybrid of Rodney and Robert can seem quite pedestrian, but give this name a few minutes to get its claws in you and you’ll soon be singing its praises along with thousands of parents from all around the world. Casually elegant, Rodbert is enjoying massive popularity amongst all races and classes (excluding middle-class Russian-Americans, who seem to absolutely hate it...

Rumour has it this 2016 name was first coined in a New England elementary school when a girl named Theresa was mercilessly teased for having a particularly fragrant link of chorizo in her lunch. While we discourage bullying in all its forms (particularly name-based bullying), this ugly incident has paradoxically given us something quite beautiful. Combining the saintly calm of Theresa with the ric...

Five-syllable names are generally considered far too unwieldy to make it onto the global charts, but this recent entry from the Hyper Futurist tradition has just proven to the naming community – and the world at large – that rules were meant to be broken. Having risen to 20th place on the Global Top 100 after only eighteen months on the market, Politrixia is now poised to move into the the to...

Elements of Sarah, Cheryl, and — to a lesser extent — Meryl combine to form this fantastic two-syllable delight that has just named their “Hot Pick for February.” Though the name has been around for several years already, it has gone largely unnoticed in the naming community until recently. This sudden burst of popularity can no doubt be attributed to HBO’s popular television series,...

We’ve come a long way since 2007, when the “Shotgun Apostrophe” was the hottest trend in baby naming. Back then, names like B’Gelt and P’Dump had a death grip on the naming world. It was a fire that burned itself out as quickly as it started, but not without first making an indelible mark on the modern world. T’Boot is a strangely beautiful echo of this unfortunate trend, and it handily succeeds w...

Chosticle is a guy you want on your side when you’re negotiating a million dollar contract, but ‘Chos’ (the accepted short form of Chosticle) is a guy who can party all night. Such is the enchanting charm of this 2011 original that critic Douga Knightly famously referred to as “A suit jacket you can wear with formal attire, OR just throw on over a Nirvana T-shirt!” Since its arrival on the scene,...

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"Pam is a family name and when I had our little girl, I thought I'd have to settle on Pamela until I heard Pamples. All the convenience of Pam, none of the ugliness of Pamela. It's perfect!"


- Darlene, Madison WI

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